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Created 22-Nov-09
Modified 22-Nov-09
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What a beautiful day! I would have opted for a tad cooler weather, but it was still beautiful. Many of our photo club members met out at Anhinga Trail in the Everglades for a sunrise shoot. It was very foggy, but it burned off as the sun rose.

Birds were plentiful. Cormorants seemed to stay perched up in trees, but Green Herons were everywhere. Green Herons are usually very hidden and hard to photograph, but not today. Anhingas were nesting and plentiful, as one would expect on Anhinga Trail!
We had a wonderful morning. It was fun to once again get out and shoot with the photo club and my favorite photo buddy, Pat.

Thanks for stopping by...Amy
Anhinga Trail Sunrise 1Anhinga Trail Sunrise 2Great Blue HeronBoardwalkBoardwalkMale AngingaGator in ReflectionGreat Blue HeronPreening 1Preening 2Preening 3Great Blue HeronGreen HeronPreening WingPreening FeathersGreen HeronLost FeatherGatorGreen HeronFishing 1