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Cape Flattery occupies America's most NORTHWESTERN point, and is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful spots on the Makah Indian Reservation.

The .7 mile trail will lead you to four observation perches. Sightseers may catch a glimpse of otters, sea lions, seals and whales, or just get a flattering view of the historic cape. There are also fantastic views of the forbidden Tatoosh Island, the former Makah fishing and whaling camp.

This drive along the Cape Flattery Tribal scenic byway is an up-close display of natural beauty that is unmatched and is wonderfully unchanged. Opportunities to hike glorious beachside terrain, observe wildlife and discover ancient cultures are at every stop along this drive. For Twilight fans, Forks is only 40 miles from Cape Flattery and home to Forks High School's brick building, one of many vital Forks locations in the Twilight book series written by Stephanie Meyer.
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