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Spent the day down in the Everglades today. Pat and I arrived at 6 am and spent nearly 8 hours in the park! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! We saw gators, crocodiles, hawks, white egrets, snowy egrets, green herons, great blue herons, little blue herons, cormorants, anhingas and lots and lots of buzzards! I don't think we missed seeing any particular bird today.

It was a day of re-learning, as we wanted to capture birds in flight and we were both using longer lenses, teleconverters, etc. It was a very fun day. When we were finally tired and realized that we had spent the entire day at the park, we rewarded ourselves with a strawberry key lime shake at Roberts and some sticky buns from Knaus Berry Farms!

Thanks for stopping by to check out the day in pictures.


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